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Many business' and organisations are exploring the use of outdoor lighting to show solidarity with a cause close to their hearts, most notably the light ups across the globe in support of key workers. At Betalite we were the forerunners of this trend, being the first organisation to light up key buildings in support of our NHS and Key workers during the covid Pandemic of 2020.

Light ups

Transform buildings with Betalite's captivating light-ups. As pioneers in the field, we were the first to illuminate key structures in support of the NHS and key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, we offer our expertise to businesses, charities, councils, and organizations, helping them showcase their values and generate a powerful impact. With our visually stunning light-ups, your message will shine brightly, captivating both local audiences and social media. Contact us for impactful building light-ups that leave a lasting impression.



"Betalite provided us with all the lighting we needed, and whatever they didn't have available they sourced suitable replacements. We will be using them again." - Ballet Theatre UK

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