From small village halls to large hippodromes, Betalite regularly supplies theatres with lighting, audio, stage extensions, drapes, props, and special effects. Our team works with producers of different sizes to produce a show of impressive production, regardless of budget.


Theatrical equipment hire is at the core of services provided by Betalite. Our inventory of moving lights, LED lighting, conventional and tungsten luminaires, followspots, trussing, pyrotechnics, speakers, communications, and microphones, ensures we can accommodate productions of all sizes and budgets.

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Staging is the foundation of all productions, it literally sets the scene and provides inspiration for new ideas or challenges to adapt and overcome in order to provide the best experience for your production. 

Correct use of staging will direct the audience's attention to the right place at the right time, with our large inventory of modular staging, we are capable of creating an ideal stage you can only dream about.

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The key to a successful production is having it run as smoothly off stage as it does on stage. It is with a great team of stagehands lead by an inspirational stage manager this is possible. With our production experience and knowledge, we are able to ensure your production runs as seamlessly as possible. Whether you're after more stagehands to help, a stage manager to lead, or a complete production team, Betalite is able to help you from design all the way to get out.

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Props, Drapes and Backdrops

Our Props, Drapes, and Backdrops department has an extensive stock available for hire. We can supply you with back wool surge drapes and borders, gauzes, lightweight drapes, pipe and base support systems, generic and personalized backdrops, Star curtains, curtain tracks, and runners as well as our comprehensive prop stock.

Before any of our items are sent for hire, they are inspected by one of our specialists to ensure they are clean, correct to the order, and in first-class condition

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Whether you are running an amateur dramatic group or organizing a west end musical, we are able to offer you a range of comprehensive professional services to complement your production. all of our team are fully qualified and competent with decades of experience. We offer:

  • Rigging services

  • Vehicle and plant operators

  • Lighting designers, operators, and technicians

  • Audio engineers, technicians, and operators

  • Stage crews

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Betalite provided us with all the lighting we needed, and whatever they didn't have available they sourced suitable replacements. We will be using them again.

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